The History of Bacchus

What does "Affè di Bacco" stand for? It comes from Middle Age, when the God Bacco (Bacchus) is invoked symbolically as a witness to ensure that in an inn or tavern food and drinking is good! Bacco (Bacchus) is a figure from Roman mythology, the Greek god Dionysus (Διόνυσος). God of wine, vintage and vices, his worship (bacchanal) spreaded in the Italian peninsula in the second century BC. It is often depicted as a man with a head encircled with vine leaves, not thin or muscular and drunk, often in hand has a glass of wine. The rituals related with this God gave some troubles to the ancient authorities. For this reason, the Roman Senate forbade the rites of the god in 186 BC, with the senatus consultum "de Bacchanalibus".